Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this program?
In response to an industry request, SAE International has developed this program to raise the level of confidence and to assure users of MAC components and equipment as well as technician training programs that the manufacturers and providers are following and meeting the performance criteria set by SAE standards.

Who should participate in this program?
All MAC component and equipment manufacturers as well as technician training providers who wish to claim conformance to SAE Standards should consider participation in this program.

Is there a governing document for the program?
Yes, the basis of the program is governed by SAE J 2911 January 2013 (or latest revision) - Procedure For Certification That Requirements For Mobile Air Conditioning System Components, Service Equipment and Service Technician Training Meet SAE J Standards.

Is there a cost?
Yes, there is a nominal fee for registration. Registration varies depending on which component, equipment or service is being registered. Pricing is as follows:

J2064_201102 $200.00
J2064_201508 $200.00
J2297_201301 $500.00
J2670_201102 $500.00
J2683_201603 $500.00
J2776_201301 $500.00
J2788_201006 $900.00
J2788_201301 $900.00
J2791_201301 $900.00
J2791_201903 $900.00
J2810_200710 $900.00
J2810_201603 $900.00
J2842_201505 $200.00
J2842_201906 $200.00
J2843_201102 $900.00
J2843_201202 $900.00
J2843_201301 $900.00
J2843_201907 $900.00
J2844_201301 $500.00
J2845_201110 $500.00
J2845_201301 $500.00
J2851_201202 $900.00
J2851_201502 $900.00
J2888_201301 $200.00
J2888_201902 $200.00
J2912_201207 $900.00
J2912_201412 $900.00
J2913_201102 $900.00
J2913_201610 $900.00
J2927_201102 $900.00
J2927_201206 $900.00
J2927_201708 $900.00
J2970_201503 $900.00
J3030_201507 $900.00
J3062_201506 $200.00

As a manufacturer how do I register?
Log in to SAE's MAC Conformance Registration website, click "Get Started Now" link and provide all required information

Do I have to register on-line?
Although on-line registration is encouraged and is the most efficient way, provisions will be made to allow registration via e-mail, fax or hard copy mail.

Who will have access to the registration information?
The information contained in the SAE MAC Conformance Registration program will be available to the general public via the database.

How to I challenge an existing conformance claim?
To challenge a manufacturers claim by disputing the accuracy or veracity of the submitted claim or test data already posted on the SAE MACdb :
1) Go to the manufacturer/provider claim page on the SAE MACdb site
2) Click on "Submit Conformance Challenge"
3) Enter all required identification/contact data
4) Enter or upload all pertinent information or data to support the challenge
Be aware that : By providing the personal information and challenge information, you hereby permit SAE International to publicly post your contact information and challenge information (including, but not limited to name, company, home/work address, phone number and e-mail address) on its websites.
5) SAE will inform the challenged manufacturer or provider of the challenge and provide the name and contact information of, and the evidence presented by the challenger. SAE will request a response within 30 days and will present the challenged manufacturer or provider's response to the challenger. If the challenge can be resolved no further action will take place.
6) If the challenge situation remains unresolved, SAE will post and maintain the challenge notice on the MACdb site.
7) The challenger and the challenged will be responsible for resolving the situation to their mutual satisfaction. SAE International will not act as an arbiter to resolve the challenge.

What if I have other questions?
Contact the responsible SAE staff representatives either by e-mail, phone or mail.

SAE Staff contacts:

Program Manager
Mark Klavon
Phone: 248 273 2488
e-mail: mark.klavon@sae.org

SAE International
755 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1600
Troy, MI 48084

Program Administrator
Kristine Siddall
Phone: 724 772 7107
e-mail: kristine.siddall@sae.org

SAE International
400 Commonwealth Dr.
Warrendale, PA 15096

Register MAC Manufacturer
Get your manufacturer's MAC design added to the most comprehensive MAC registry.
SAE International does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or veracity of any information, data or claims contained or set forth in the conformance database, nor does it endorse any organization registered in this program. SAE International is acting only as a registrar of the information, data and claims contained in the database. The individual manufacturers, testing facilities and providers of technician training have provided the information, data and claims set forth in the conformance database.